A relatively new medium in online advertising industry RTB (Real Time Bidding).

This is a system in which real-time interaction occurs between three parties — the advertiser (who sets the maximum bid that he is willing to pay for the advertisement display), the target user (socio-demographic and behavioral data on the audience), advertising platforms (who auction their advertising surfaces off).

Advertising on the Internet is a flexible and effective tool which allows solving any tasks of the advertising campaign: promotion of new products and services, increasing brand awareness, building consumer loyalty and increasing sales. The main types of Internet advertising are: display (banner) advertising, contextual advertising, video advertising, teaser advertising, advertising on social networks and blogs, advertising in thematic sections, as well as other types of direct and hidden advertising.


of online

Contact is limited to a potentially interested audience, as contextual search advertising is shown only to those users who are looking for particular information;

Ad campaign performance monitoring using various analytics systems (Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica, AdRiver, AdFox, Weborama, etc.)

Maximum placement efficiency and instant response;
Payment for a guaranteed ad contact;
Accurate targeting (region, age, gender, etc.)


of online

Low penetration in certain regions.

Digital media strategy

Our main product is multi-channel Digital strategies and placement.


Analysis of competitors and their activity.
Studying the current situation and competitor activity, target audience behaviour, identifying optimal channels and tools for target audience influencing.

Media analysis.
Behavior and profiling of the target audience, comparison with alternative media tactics.


Selecting appropriate channels and tools.
Optimization plan (channels, tools, settings).


Media placement. Optimization.
Post-click, post-analysis, conversion increase.

Our digital sources

We use both proven and new independent data sources: Specialized services for analyzing user behaviour data on the Internet.

Open sources and paid data subscriptions.

Purchase systems

We use display advertising purchase systems:

Our specialty is integrated digital management.

We use systems which allow fine-tuning your advertising purchases.

Create a client portrait and we will find her.

Due to optimization, you will enjoy the cost of the attracted client.

Advantages for you

The company is always focused on the result. Reputation and bonus earnings depend on this.

Customer Service:

  • «One window» service, a selected account group

  • free access to industrial research data;

  • reporting at the desired time;

  • comprehensive workflow organization;

  • deep marketing analysis and econometric modeling;

  • cross-media planning and completion of coverage (TV + VIDEO DIGITAL; RADIO + AUDIO DIGITAL);

  • buying opportunities at favorable costs using auction models and direct purchases;

  • client training, traditional and workshop formats;

  • legal support — not a single advertising material will be placed without the consent of our lawyers.

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