Television is the most popular media in Russia. Millions of people watch television daily, which makes advertising on TV more effective at bringing necessary information on goods or services to nbsp;consumers, compared to other media.

Benefits of advertising on television:

Upper segment of the purchase funnel;
Great reach opportunities;
Lowest contact cost per population percent (CPP);
The most effective media in terms of impact;
The ability to target specific groups.
Media authority
People tend to trust the information they got from television, which means that TV advertising will be viewed positively, improving perception of advertised product
Television is universal
It’s possible to use it to advertise any goods or services, improving the product’s image and brand recognition.
Information delivery methods
This allows to bring advertising ideas to consumers using visual and audio channels, making advertising more memorable.

Our TV advertising capabilities

Advertising on every television channel, national or regional. We offer a full range of services for an effective advertising campaign:

  • defining and analysis of the target audience;

  • analysis of competitor activities;

  • developing strategy for goods and services promotion;

  • tactical media planning and media buying;

  • our specialists use their expertise and experience in TV advertising to help you achieve the best possible result at a minimal cost;

  • our long-standing cooperation with the largest media sellers allows us to offer competitive terms of advertising placement;

  • large database of regional (local) TV stations and years of experience allow us to request and receive best terms of advertising placement;

  • 24/7 access to broadcast scheduling allows us to track and use all available advertising blocks for your commercials;

  • personal relationship with each of our clients. We choose the type of advertising that reflects your needs: TV commercials on regional and federal stations, sponsored integrations and product placement, TV specials.

Non-standard placement as part of communication strategy

  • TV sponsorship;

  • Product placement;

  • commercial and news segments;

  • creation of specialized segments or programming;

  • video production.

Strategic advertising campaign planning

  • developing media metrics according to target audience (reach, frequency, etc);

  • picking TV channels;

  • estimating recognition and brand loyalty after the campaign.

Tactical planning

creating a media plan with exact advertisement and programme timelines, rating estimates and cost of each spot.

Reporting on TV advertising

  • airing reports from TV stations;

  • Mediascope independent monitoring reports.

When you purchase a full service package in a single company you save money and keep your campaign concept intact.

In addition, television advertising effectiveness increases if other media is used simultaneously — radio, out-of-home, internet advertising, various promotions.

Advertising on TV: federal and regional television

Depending on campaign goals we can advertise either on federal or regional levels (Moscow and other regions).

Regional advertising can supplement federal advertising, serving as an inexpensive channel to reach target audience in a particular region with a product or service offer.

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