Radio is the most mobile media.
Effective outreach.
Great addition to TV advertising.

Advantages of radio advertising:

The most mobile media;
Optimal effective contact frequency;
Reach unique customers who rarely watch television — motorists, hikers, active audience;
Unintrusive source of information;
Prompt production of promotional materials and immediate start of an advertising campaign. In some cases, advertising is carried out on the day the application is submitted, which is ideal for urgent advertising campaigns or promotions;
Low cost of production of advertising materials, as well as the cost of airtime in terms of one contact;
The ability to quickly increase audience reach.

Our advantages for radio advertising:

Advertising on all radio stations:

  • national state-owned radio stations;

  • commercial radio stations;

  • regional radio stations.

  1. 1.

    Our experts have gained vast experience in planning and implementing advertising campaigns on the radio. We select the optimal set of radio stations needed to cover the region and reach the target audience, determine the required number of broadcasts and periods of advertising campaigns.

  2. 2.

    Long-term cooperation of the agency with media groups and radio stations allows us to receive unique pricing and broadcast terms. We will place your ad with maximum efficiency.

  3. 3.

    Analysis of the target audience distribution by time of day, the selection of certain broadcasts and optimal formats for advertising messages.

Non-standard placement as part of communication strategy

  • non-standard advertising — sponsorship of ongoing programs;

  • commercial broadcast in news segments;

  • creation of special programs or events at the client’s request (contests, games, sponsorship, etc.);

  • informational advertising as read by the presenter;

  • live programs with feedback from listeners;

  • sponsorship (mentioning the sponsor during the program, sponsorsed segments, placement of audio clips within the program);

  • a radio report on an event containing direct or hidden advertising;

  • various commercial programs an advertiser representative (conversations, interviews, speeches).

Strategic planning

  • identifying of the amount of radio stations necessary to cover the region and reach the target audience;;

  • determining the optimal number of broadcasts in order to meet the client’s advertising goals;

  • giving recommendations on the type of advertising (direct advertising or sponsorship on the radio);

  • determining the optimal campaign period.

Buying and placement

cooperation with the largest radio ad sellers;

excellent advertising terms on any radio station;

transparent financial conditions;

lexible conditions of cooperation.


  • airing reports from radio stations;

  • analysis of advertising effectiveness (coverage, affinity index, contact cost).

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