of press

High trust level;
Constant availability of the advertising message;
Advertising in magazines offers high quality printing, which benefits product image;
One of the most informative media that can deliver a complex message and keep the attention of the audience longer;


of press

The likelihood of turning the page;
Limited frequency;
Slow exposure — «long-term effect».

Our press advertising advantages:

  • planning advertising campaigns in the federal and regional press;

  • compilation of optimal media plans (media planning);

  • providing favorable conditions for the print ad placement;

  • developing of placement packages;

  • PR events;

  • analysis of the effectiveness of previous campaigns.

Strategic planning

  • determining of cost-effective set of publications;

  • identifying publications most relevant for the target audience;.

  • determining the required number of publications, the campaign period;

  • determining the required advertising message format;

  • determining the rating of publications according to NRS (TNS Russia).

Tactical planning

  • media plan of advertising placement with the exact release date, title of the publication, circulation, frequency, pricing, discounts;

  • determining the predicted media indicator for each publication and for the entire plan.

Buying and placement

  • business press buying, exclusive ad placement conditions in other publications;

  • best placement prices, transparent financial conditions.


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