of outdoor

Allows increasing audence reach;
Low contact cost, it simultaneously solves the problem of coverage, and also serves as a navigation point;
Your advertising message comes as close as possible to the time of purchase (unlike, for example, advertising on television).


of outdoor

It is impossible to focus advertising exposure to reach a narrow target audience;
It is impossible to convey detailed information about the advertised product or service.

Our outdoor advertising opportunities:

  • organizing and conducting OOH campaigns of any scale in any city in Russia;

  • providing favorable conditions for ad placement, development and production of promotional materials;

  • calculation of advertising campaign metrics, analysis of the its effectiveness.

Strategic planning

  • determining of the optimal format of outdoor advertising media;

  • determining of the necessary routes, modes of transport, the number of advertising surfaces, placements and cities;

  • determining projected audience reach.

Buying and placement

  • close interaction with the largest outdoor advertising operators;

  • control over the campaign, constant monitoring of the ad placement quality.

Tactical planning

Creating an address program containing detailed information on the advertising medium, size, surface, location, exact address, campaign period, production and display costs.


  • providing photo reports on the promotional material placement;

  • providing statistical data.

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